Kakao talk becomes a space of pre-rally against South Korea’s President

Hundreds of thousands of South Koreans have gathered Seoul last saturday demanding the resignation of President Park Geun-hye in one of the biggest protests in the country since its democratisation nearly 30 years ago. The rally continues almost everyday and Kakao talk encourages people to keep gathering together for the rally.


12/11/2016, image from <http://v.media.daum.net/>

The open chatting room of Kakao talk allows anyone can join the chatting room who have same interests. In this open chatting room, they share ideas, plan the rally and unite minds together. In other words, this mobile space (i.e. Kakao talk’s open chatting room) performs as a meeting room for pre-rally. Moreover, this chatting room enables people who don’t have rally companions to find like-minded people. Thus, Kakao talk open chatting room is like a bridge that connects people to people and further it brings them to participate in the rally at last. In addition, those participants are guaranteed anonymity as well.

Kakao talk leads a new type of assembly and demonstration culture in Korea. Through Kakao talk’s open chat room, people can actually participate in the rally and share their own ideas with each other. This means that, social media encourages people to take an active part in politics rather than just warching the situation on other media such as TV, News reports and etc.

Through using Kakao talk’s open charting room, Korean people are trying to find our hidden sovereignty together.

National Foundation Day of Korea 2016


Image from <http://m.blog.naver.com/eogkstkfkd07/220139510037>

Happy Gaechunjeol (National Foundation Day of Korea)!!! I couldn’t write blog entries last few days because of many things that I have to finish by this month. But I will post blog entries about smart Ajumma asap. ^__^


Ajummas are in Mobile Bang [room]

Smart ajummas are watching DMB in the subway (Please do not use this photo without a permission!!! 사진의 무단도용, 게시 및 재가공을 금지합니다)

I found this photo from one of my twitter friends today. These two ajummas put their mobile phone on the triport and watching TV through DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting) while they’re travelling in the subway in Seoul. They share the earphones as well.

I already wrote about how the subway is important for Seoulite’s daily life in my Master’s thesis that is called ‘Mobile Bang (2010)’. The subway shouldn’t be considered as just a sort of public transport. Rather it means a lot more for people in Seoul or South Korea. I call it as a Mobile Bang (room in English) and commuters do various things in the subway especially through uaing their smartphones while they’re travelling.

We’re now having very hot and humid days in South Korea (35c/70-80 % humidity). People want to find any place where they can avoid hot and humid weather. The subway could be one of those places I think. So I really love this photo and want to share these Smart Ajummas in Mobile Bang with you.

Thank you for my friend (from twitter) who allowed me to use this photo for this blog.


Ajummas are in Live Photo

Music credit: Peppertones, ‘For all dancers’ (less than 5 seconds, looping)

I just played with the keynote to create a live photo video for this blog. All the videos are made with (include Digital Ppal-let-ter project) photos and keynote. This looping live photo video reminds me a rhizome movie (by Adrian Miles) that we’ve learnt at RMIT almost 10 years ago. I’m thinking to create short video clips (like this) through using keynote, live photo and maybe photo collage.


Yakult Ajumma is now on The Wall Street Journal!

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 8.13.39 PM

(Click the image to read the news article about Yakult Ajumma by The Wall Street Journal)


The Wall Street Journal reported about Korean Yakult Ajumma (delivery women they described) and their mobile yakult cart. It is so exciting to read about our Yakult Ajumma in the wall street journal! I’ve already written about them in my blog, ‘Smart Yakult Ajumma(25/01/2016)‘.

“women always ignore me”


A 23-year-old female college student were murdered by a stranger man whom never met before. This crazy man stabbed to death her in a public toilet near Gang Nam Station, Seoul, Korea. He was outraged at women because he thought “women always ignore him”. With only this reason, he killed an innocent utter stranger in a public toilet. (click the link below to read a news article)


Now, “WE”, Korean women as well as (some of) men, are taking reactions about this mad incidents. Numerous post-it messages are posting at the exterior of Gang Nam Station entry. We also post photos and messages on Instagram as well.

“You lived that day  because you’re a man and I survived from that day because I’m a woman”

The murder killed her because she is a woman, this means that it could be any ‘WOMAN’ on that day. Maybe we have to go to the toilet together or I won’t use any (unisex) public toilet from now on. Why do we have to worry about living this city? Why do only we (women) have to worry about it?

Rest in peace.