War of the mom (SBS Special, TV documentary)

Last Sunday on 3rd Jan 2016, I watched a TV documentary which titled ‘War of the Mom’ by SBS (Seoul Broadcasting System). It is the first of a trilogy and it tells how working moms struggled by themselves to handle the parenting as a mom and the careers as a human being.

This documentary brought two different cases of working moms in South Korea. Both of them are working full time and having two children. Their husbands also full time workers in the company so the raring of children is always a big issue for them.

It is true that living as working moms in Korea (maybe other countries as well) is not easy at all. Compared to so called ‘ajumma generation (approx 50 to 60 years old)’ most young moms (i.e. ‘mom generation’) are working outside. For this reason, it’s hard to maintain the proper balance between work and home for these working moms.

At the beginning, I thought this documentary tried to bring the issues of working moms in Korea how they have difficulties of being a mom and a human being (a  worker for her future career). However, I was disappointed after watching this documentary. It showed the difficulties of working mothers in some ways, but it still keeps repeating the same thing that we already know about it. For example,

What will be the most important to you, working moms?

Work or Home (Children)?

Furthermore, the last question that was asked by producer of that documentary was terrible. He asked a question to one of interviewees,

Do you think are you a mom or a woman?

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 3.49.24 PM.png

The interviewee didn’t answer about that question, I think she couldn’t answer.

This question is also related to ‘ajummas’ in Korea as well. Most people think ajummas are not women, they are just ajummas. However, I think this question includes so many problems such as the biased perspective about married women and ajummas.

Mothers are women and women are mothers.

Both mothers and women are human beings.

I really want to ask that producer of this documentary.

Are you a man or a father?


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