“women always ignore me”


A 23-year-old female college student were murdered by a stranger man whom never met before. This crazy man stabbed to death her in a public toilet near Gang Nam Station, Seoul, Korea. He was outraged at women because he thought “women always ignore him”. With only this reason, he killed an innocent utter stranger in a public toilet. (click the link below to read a news article)


Now, “WE”, Korean women as well as (some of) men, are taking reactions about this mad incidents. Numerous post-it messages are posting at the exterior of Gang Nam Station entry. We also post photos and messages on Instagram as well.

“You lived that day  because you’re a man and I survived from that day because I’m a woman”

The murder killed her because she is a woman, this means that it could be any ‘WOMAN’ on that day. Maybe we have to go to the toilet together or I won’t use any (unisex) public toilet from now on. Why do we have to worry about living this city? Why do only we (women) have to worry about it?

Rest in peace.

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