note for today

1.Today, I tried to make another version of a short video clip with using LivePhoto of ajumma that I’ve taken in Gwang Jang Market few months ago. Well, I made it but I can’t export that video for now. I have to sort this problem out asap.

2.Writing a research blog isn’t simple thing because I have to write a ‘research blog’. But I feel getting better to upload posts on this blog compared with few months ago. Yes, it’s already been 6 months since I’ve started writing blog posts. Writing in other language  (English) than Korean isn’t easy and I know there’re some mistakes of awkward expressions and poor grammar. But I just keep writing my research blog posts both in Korean and English because I believe this helps me to keep doing my research (other than phd project) continuously in many ways. So I will keep writing.

3.Thinking about few topics to start a new research by myself. Of course, it will be related to media, digital technology, gender, Korean (or Asian) studies, pop culture, etc. I will post about it as well.

4.Still, the topic about ‘ajumma’ and their usage of smartphones in daily lives with their own ways of mobile communication is not ‘hot’ thing for people in Korea, I think. I’ve contacted to several communities and associations but they aren’t interested in this topic yet. (But it’s now getting better compared with 3 years ago! At least, they replied back to me about my research topic!)


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