Selca or Selfie? (1)Haduri

Yes, I bet you know what selfie is. Selfie is a self-portrait photograph taken with digital camera or camera phone (e.g. smartphone). The term selfie is now used by almost everyone who take selfie by using their digital cameras or camera phones. Taking, uploading and sharing selfies on various social media such as Instagram is a sort of everyday practices for us now. Besides, like the selfie sticks or selfie drones enhance people to get better (of course there are increases of accidents because of taking selfies in dangerous locations) selfies. However, I’m still familiar with using the term selca than selfie.

Selca means ‘self camera’ and it is equivalent to the term selfie. In Korea, we used to use the word selca in last (almost) 10 years ago. People went to PC Bang (room) to use computers (e.g.PC games, Webcam) during 1990 to 2000. In PC Bang, people took selca on Haduri and webcam on PC. Haduri is a webcam software for PC so people were able to take their selca through seperate webcams on PC or builtin webcams in PC. As the growth of the Internet penetration and various online clubs or online communities, more and more people use Haduri to take their selcas and to show them to their friends in online clubs or online communities. Since that time, people knew how to take ‘better selca’ through using Haduri. In other words, they know the best ‘angle’ to get the best selca on Haduri.

example of Haduri selca

image from <>

More about Haduri,

(1)Haduri website

(2)What is Haduri?

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