Motherism: A prejudice which leads stay-at-home mothers to be viewed as stupid, lazy and unattractive … He came out this week in defence of the stay-at-home mother, telling a conference that motherism should be tackled in the same vein as racism is.’ <https://www.macmillandictionary.com/buzzword/entries/motherism>


If there’s motherismI can say there’s ajummaism in Korea. Full time parenting mothers do work at home and this could be equivalent to mothers who work outside of home! I should read more about this ‘motherism’ because I haven’t done enough research about this -ism yet so I can’t say about this in the concrete. But I can tell from this word, we have biased views about middle-aged women (or some of younger mothers with children) and people grouped these women who do not working outside the house but doing full time parenting as just lazy ‘mothers’. I discern that we also see ajummas with similar biased views as the case of the word, motherism. Middle-aged women are grouped as ajummas and people dismiss all of them as a group of ajummas without understanding rather than seeing the particularity of each human beingSo I would say that there is Ajumma-ism in Korea and I will explain about this later in this blog. (in a positive way)


Related URL links (haven’t researched much about motherism, yet so I will do more research and will post a blog entry about this very soon. (:




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