English Speaking Kindergartens

Today, I went out for having lunch with my mum near my house. One of my mum’s friends sent a Kakao Talk message to my mum and she wanted to join us to have coffee together. So we did. We ordered good coffee and tea cookies. She (my mum’s friend) started talking about her grand children so any other grandmothers do. Her grand daughter became 6 this year so her daughter-in-law is now looking for the pre-school for her daughter. My mum’s friend talked about Yeong-Yu (Yeong eh Yu Chi One which means English speaking kindergarten. In these types of kindergarten, the students are only allowed to speak in English during the classes, so their parents believe that it should be very good opportunity to learn English since early years. So the entrance competition rate for these kindergartens is getting extremely selective even though the tuition fee is high compared with normal public kindergartens.

So this afternoon, I heard so much information about those special (or different) kindergartens/ preschool and elementary school from my mum’s friend. (And I don’t need those information at all because I don’t need it) After having those uncomfortable tea time with bunch of information about pre-school, I came back home and found some communities of younger mums who are interested in their children’s education. (Yes, education fever is still HOT)

Here is a very useful and interesting online website for ‘moms’. Its name is ‘Gang Nam Um-ma’ (Gang nam mothers). And they uploaded and shared useful information about schools, kindergartens, Hak-Wons (private educational institutions) on the website. I think moms (mothers, and I defined them as younger version of ajummas) also have very unique culture of their own like ajummas, so I will do some research about these moms in Korea very soon.

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