‘Korea Grandma’ one of famous ajumma YouTubers in Korea

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 8.45.01 PM.png

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Park Mak-Rye Halmeonee (grandma), Korea Grandma

Park Mak-rye Halmeonee (grandmother) is a famous YouTuber in Korea. The name of her channel on YouTube is ‘Korea Grandma’. She has been creating videos since 2017. Even though she called herself grandma but I think she could be categorized as older ajumma group because ajummas should be considered with different age groups. As there is no specification of the age criteria to be ajummas, ajummas can be categorized inclusively.  For this reason, the channel of ‘Korea Grandma’ might be one of good examples to show how smart ajummas present themselves through using social media, especially the way of using one person media in YouTube. 



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