Mukbang by Grandmother


There are various types of Mukbang in Korea. I just found this Grandmother’s channel on Youtube and she did Mukbang. Her Mukbang style is not very much different from any other Mukbang BJs’ videos but I still very happy to find these newer generation of Youtubers. I hope they (Ajumma or Grandmother Youtubers) produce ‘their own’ styles of videos on Youtube. I don’t mean that these videos aren’t good. At this stage, most of them (Grandmother or Ajummas) just produce videos very much similar to the other BJs’ Mukbang videos. If these newer Youtube generation create their own styles of Mukbang, it helps to broaden the content market of Mukbang videos in Korea.

But still, I’m so happy to watch the videos like this. Go Grandmothers and Ajummas!!!! And I really like her vlog (below)!!!

Selfie queen, grandma photographer Nishimoto Kimoto.


Nishimoto Kimoko (87). A 87-year-old Japanese grandmother stages herself In twisted selfies. In her portrait photos, I can find humor, creativity and her life. I am more than happy to see the selfies of grandmothers. I hope there are any selfie-lovers of grandmothers in Korea as well.

Also this grandmother is now living with her friend (humanoid robot, Pepper). Such a cool grandmother!! (All the images below are from

(All the images below are from