an article that wrote about my research, Smart Ajumma

스마트 아줌마 (한국어), Smart Ajumma (English)

At the end of July, I presented my research, Smart Ajumma at IACS conference. This year, this conference was held in Seoul, South Korea so it was very pleasure to participate in. In this big Inter Asia Cultural Studies conference, I met Nicki Liu on my presentation day and we had very good conversation, especially about middle-aged women in East Asia. And kindly, she reviewed about my research, Smart Ajumma in the one of online journal in Hong Kong (I feel bad but I actually don’t understand Chinese at all so I couldn’t figure out what this online journal’s name yet). Her article is written in Chinese so I can’t understand but I know it is about my research and other panel’s research about women and media in Asia. It is more than happy to read (even though I don’t understand Chinese) about the review of my research that was written by someone else.

Thank you Nicki Liu and hopefully we can meet some day in the conference again.

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“I want to be an ajumma”

스마트 아줌마 (한국어), Smart Ajumma (English)

My Neighbor, Charles (이웃집 찰스) is a South Korean reality-variety show that airs on KBS 1TV every Tuesday night. I’m a big fan of this reality TV show (actually it is more like a documentary) because I can meet various people through this TV show. Of course sometimes I feel some of guests just wanted to promote their business (restaurants or cafes) but still I can see other people’s lives who immigrated to Korea for different reasons.

Yesterday, there were a lovely family who came from Egypt. Their father works so hard but it isn’t easy to save money for their three girls education and living expenses. So their mother tried to work for a living but she couldn’t speak Korean well. Finally she decided to sell her signature Egyptian food in a local market. (And her food looks so good!!)

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This is a story from yesterday’s episode and the reason why I’m now talking about this TV show on this blog because of their mother. During her interview, she said that she wants to be an ajumma, Korean ajumma. And the producer asked her why? Her answer was very interesting and touching. She answered that Korean ajummas work a lot for their family compared with Egyptian women. Also Korean ajummas are fast and strong so their mother wants to be an ajumma.

I really impressed about her respondent about Korean ajumma. Yes, Korean ajummas are strong, fast and they work for their family in many ways. Of course there are some annoyed part such as they’re (some of them) sometimes loud and being meddlesome. But I think everyone can be loud or being meddlesome. Many times, we see ajummas with our biased views. I hope we should look at  ajummas from various angles even though it will take some time to change our minds and society. We should.



Mukbang by Grandmother

스마트 아줌마 (한국어), Smart Ajumma (English)


There are various types of Mukbang in Korea. I just found this Grandmother’s channel on Youtube and she did Mukbang. Her Mukbang style is not very much different from any other Mukbang BJs’ videos but I still very happy to find these newer generation of Youtubers. I hope they (Ajumma or Grandmother Youtubers) produce ‘their own’ styles of videos on Youtube. I don’t mean that these videos aren’t good. At this stage, most of them (Grandmother or Ajummas) just produce videos very much similar to the other BJs’ Mukbang videos. If these newer Youtube generation create their own styles of Mukbang, it helps to broaden the content market of Mukbang videos in Korea.

But still, I’m so happy to watch the videos like this. Go Grandmothers and Ajummas!!!! And I really like her vlog (below)!!!

The Ajumma Starter Guide

Smart Ajumma (English)

I found this amazing drawing about ajumma by Amy Slatem on her blog. Yes they’re sometimes rude but I think they didn’t mean it. (:

And I really like her drawing but most of drawings or images about ajummas are not very ‘friendly’, I know and I understand. 

Art Aims

Aspiring to become an old Korean ajumma (아줌마)? Here’s what you need to get going…


A post inspired by these many similar-looking elderly women I pass on the streets daily or have elbow-jabbing me in my ribs to get on the subway here in Korea.

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A rude ajumma degrades other ajummas!!!

스마트 아줌마 (한국어), Smart Ajumma (English)

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“Those ajummas? They’re just ajummas!!! They’re just ajummas who cook rice!!!”

(in Korea we have rice everyday so she meant those non-regular school meal service workers (mostly ajummas) as ‘AJUMMAS WHO JUST COOK RICE RATHER TAHN PROFESSIONAL WORKERS’)

Those non-regular workers went on strike because they had been unfairly treated in their workplaces. About this, First Vice Floor Leader of the People’s Party Lee Eon-joo made off-the-record remarked to reporters about ajummas. She degraded ajummas as ajummas who just cook rice rather than professional workers. This is so disappointing because our society (even Lee is an ajumma I can say) still have biased view about ajummas.

Do you think ajummas can’t be professional?

What do you mean they’re just ajummas?

Ajummas are just people who cook rice? (And what’s wrong with people who cook rice then?)

She shouldn’t say like that. NEVER!!! Ajummas are not different group of people as people like you, rather you’re also an ajumma. And what do you think about ajummas? She has strong gender stereotypes about ajummas I think. How can you lead and change our society with that prejudiced mind and thinking?



12/04/2017, An Ajumma in the bus

스마트 아줌마 도감 An Illustrated of Korean Smart Ajumma

This folder is for ‘An illustrated of Korean Smart Ajumma’.

이 폴더는 앞으로 ‘스마트아줌마 도감’이 업로드될 예정입니다.

Enjoy! 감사합니다!



Digital Ppal-let-ter [again]

Digital Ppal-let-ter Project /디지털 빨래터 프로젝트 (Creative Project), 스마트 아줌마 (한국어), Smart Ajumma (English)

It’s been almost 1 year since I’ve submitted my PhD project. Now I’m waiting for the graduation ceremony in this Dec. YAY!!!

I planned to start doing a new project from this year but I haven’t started it yet because there’re so many things to be done by end of May. But I will try to start doing a new project asap. Also I should keep writing blog entries as well. FOR SURE!!

About this project: